There are serious security flaws within PayPal and I’d be warry if they have your bank account information etc

There are serious security flaws within PayPal and I’d be warry if they have your bank account information etc

KiM (Post #224). You’re not out of the woods yet. I posted early in this blog, which started with my first post #. One year later the FBI rang me and wanted me at their office to explain what happened. I had documented everything and submitted a complaint to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center of the FBI The complaint (which I had a copy of) and my documents got me off the hook. I was a victim, but paid PayPal everything back. I hate PayPal and it doesn’t seem they care that this scam still continues.

Come…is really 4 real?I mean someone(james on #160) claims making $450,000….for God sake,when do we get good people with real and good intentions?

James,are there any limits to the amount of money you can double with ?As at this moment,does the 25% service fee still apply?Why has the minimum rate of entry been reduced to $5 from $50?Why do they keep editing their site…what,what,WHAT?why must you now have to open accounts with the two payment processors they have available?

It’s pretty easy to tell by asking yourself a simple question: Is it too good to be true? In this case the answer is yes, so it is highly probably that it’s a scam.

Hello for Mike, who post 230. DON`T invest there. ItA?s the same site as . Of course, I think you will get your money doubble back into your PayPal account, but then….You will get a lot of big problems with PayPal! For all!! DON`T INVEST on sites where you must invest via e-gold and get the profit into your PayPal account!! DON`T INVEST THERE. If you have more questions, feel free to send an email [email protected]

It seems the FBI is on Paypals side

Okay, like many others, I’m late… my e-gold is sent and the 150% was sent to me then I withdrew it… what can we do at THIS MOMENT? Are there any things we can do BEFORE they reverse the money or before paypal ask for the money? I don’t know, like to close accounts, change something, etc?

I can’t believe we all fell into this crap… but they’ll have to kill me to get it back as I actually don’t owe them this money. Seriously, look at the number of victims we are and this problem has been around for a too long time now, paypal know what’s going on and if they can’t do nothing against the problem, how could they go against us? If it’s out of their control, so we are. If we all ignore them as we should and don’t pay back, they’ll get in big trouble so that’s just what I’ll do.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!Does anyone have anything to say OR any news about ?The last time I heard anything “bout them,it was that they were doubling for sure but no withdrawals,as at that time.Now,they have removed the chat forum/page off their website(but then…their site is still up…what for?)Can someone please tell me the latest thats happening with asotinc…..Pleeeease.

I suggest you all do the same to save your ass

Claas Action suit would be great against Paypal. Iive posted numerous times in this forum since med for 3K and had to pay it all back to Paypal. I lost a lot of money quick! The FBI visited me one year later investigating on Paypals behalf. I had everything documented and documentation that I paid Paypal everything back. The FBI accused me that I stole from Paypal, which was total BS and I had documentation of paying them back and also filed a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center of the FBI. Paypal had frozen my account, so I had no way to show the FBI I had paid this back “except” I had saved paper documentation for over a year and kept this whole incident in a file (just in case). Don’t think it will go away. This has been going on for years and Paypal still hasn’t fixed the hacker issues they have. Total BS and I hate Paypal.

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