Multiple Basketball contours existed close to Virginia inside the America’s early days

Multiple Basketball contours existed close to Virginia inside the America’s early days

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While it’s almost sure if the number of contours most of the possess English origins, it didn’t most of the are from an identical colonist, or even the exact same family relations.

Many prominent range is the fact off Colonel William Ball We (1615-1680) out of London area, England who immigrated with his partner Hannah Atherold (d, 1695) as well as 2 of its about three students, Joseph (b. 1649), and you will Hannah (b. 1650), when you look at the 1650 and you may compensated for the Lancaster Condition, Va as planters and eventually merchants. Colonel William II (1641-1694) was just nine as he along with his moms and dads leftover towards territories. Colonel William I, Hannah, in addition to their three people continued to live, work, and you can prosper in North, Va for a few generations getting one of the leading group inside America’s very early decades.

Frustration can be acquired between the place of William I’s family hence out of his kid, William II. Both of them passed away within the Lancaster State, Va. It is experienced William I got compensated during the mouth away from brand new Corotoman Lake in the Lancaster State, Va by 1663. William II is sometimes of this Millenbeck estate on the Rappahannock Lake when you look at the Rappahannock County, Va.

Colonel Burgess Baseball (1749-1800) try the good great grandson away from Colonel William Ball I, and a citizen out-of Leesburg Va. He had been together with a guide-de-go camping so you’re able to Standard Washington from the Leading edge Battle. Washington’s mom is actually an excellent grandd I. In addition to the Washingtons, the balls interilies close by Virginia. Hannah, the latest earliest d I, married Captain David Fox (1647-1669). New Foxes was popular household members within the 17th and 18th 100 years Virginia. Almost every other family range from the Conways, Taylors, Taliaferros, and Chinns.

Captain Alling Basketball of new Sanctuary, CT and his awesome wife Dorothy (d. 1690) whoever term appears married secrets-bezoekers to your William Ball chart are difficult so you can devote relation to William Baseball We. Some present decided they must be brothers whether or not little evidence is provided with. An identical mystery can be found between Francis Ball (d. 1648) and you can William Ball We. In addition, conclusive research try but really to be found hooking up Alling and Francis Baseball in any sort of kinship. Even in the event he had brothers from the territories, the newest descendents out of William Baseball I were the essential really-identified and you may learned.

Several other line would be the fact away from Edward (d. 1726) and you can Kezia Basketball. Shorter known regarding Edward and his members of the family with the exception of the fresh new labels and lots of schedules of its 13 college students whom show up on his friends pedigree.

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James Ball and his wife Ann (Nancy) (d.1822) was new founders of another Ball range. They lived in the Fauquier County, Va in which they leased property about what to build a property, and you may improve their 10 youngsters. James is actually an apple character by trading; their orchard stood for a passing fancy little bit of assets. Sheltial Basketball (1780-1836), James and you will Nancy’s 4th child and you can very first son is the initial of your loved ones to settle for the St. Louis State, MO in 1834. The following year, Sheltial’s cousin, James Jr. (1787-1852) then followed your in order to Missouri due to the fact performed the more youthful sis Nancy (1792-1855) together husband, William Ellis. John Basketball (1790-1838) along with his partner Age Ellis (1790-1852) wound-up when you look at the St. Louis County, MO most likely around this exact same big date no matter if its date of coming try unclear. The remainder of James and you may Nancy’s youngsters remained for the or about Fauquier Condition, Virtual assistant.

John (1670-1722) and you can Winifred Baseball were of Stafford County, Va. Its man Moses Golf ball Sr. (1717-1792) compensated in the Fairfax Condition, Va. Moses Golf ball Sr.’s college students and you may grandkids sooner generated its way to Southwestern Virginia. Their man, Moses Ball Jr., compensated inside Hawkins State, Tennessee, although some of your friends centered root from inside the Kentucky.

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