ANTI-OBAMA: Tell me exactly whenever all those bitterPennsylvanians quickly dropped towards Barack’s column?

ANTI-OBAMA: Tell me exactly whenever all those bitterPennsylvanians quickly dropped towards Barack’s column?

Was not it simply weeks ago which he couldn’t win Pennsylvaniafrom Hillary no matter how much money the guy threw within it?

ANTI-OBAMA: Funny procedure, when the Obama got less money, he’dprobably manage so much more. He would have no choice but into a very chicken andpotatoes approach, vehicle parking for the, state, Monroe County, Pa.,or Grant State, Wisc. — areas one werevirtually into the ’04.

PRO-OBAMA: They can manage to lose Monroe State becausehe’ll compensate for it from the accumulating large totals inPhiladelphia than just Kerry performed. Just what you’renot viewing is the fact we’re referring to a great differentelectoral chart this time. You may be operating throughYugoslavia which have a beneficial 1988 path map.

ANTI-OBAMA: Stuff has altered just like the ’88, however, notso far due to the fact 2004. I’m able to push as a result of Yugoslaviawith a 2004 path chart.

PRO-OBAMA: Inside the retrospect, you’ll see exactly how historicallyinevitable Obama’s election is all the with each other. McCain are anantique — what is the famous statement in “The latest Godfather”?”Pensa all’antica.” The guy believes in dated suggests. He is CrockerJarmon, to mix motion picture comparisons. Even appears abit including your. Obama’s McKay.

Smart tip

PRO-OBAMA: You’ll be pretty sure once you see his acceptancespeech within Invesco Job so it August. Barackalfresco. Brand new Dems can be virtually obvious air. New oppositeof the newest tear-gas out of ’68. Barack and you can Hillary can also be run off inside theRockies. Bill normally join the “fairy tale” that has today becomereality. And possibly the team can even persuade Ted Kennedy tomake a swan track looks for an ending night curtain callwith, and others, Jimmy Carter, regarding public handshakethat did not takes place twenty eight years ago — exhibiting that people ily squabbles, however in an emergency or a beneficial generalelection, i collaborate.

ANTI-OBAMA: That is the flick type. Due to the fact cliche goes, peopledon’t choose the bottom of brand new ticket. He may choose evenAl Gore plus it won’t provides an appreciable feeling. Inthe prevent, McCain usually profit at least 300 electoral ballots.

(and even though I’m from inside the a beneficial raving temper!)Knopfler: A lot better than Ever Alive three decades immediately after his introduction, he continues to impress

[Note: This new Daily Digression tries to render also-passed studies and you will revealing from the government and you may pop music culture (and past!) and will not officially recommend governmental people. Easily make a fascinating bumper sticker tip about McCain, I am publishing this, too]

The fresh new “Rad-Lab” towards the Larger Divide It chemistry strengthening and its agents, covered by that it indication,was simple base on the Hayward quake blame during the Berkeley, Calif.[pictures of the Paul Iorio]

Protests Over Pine Grove Elevate when you look at the Berkeley A beneficial demonstrator blocks an effective truck travelling courtesy good protest against theproposed destruction out-of a pine grove into the Berkeley, Calif. (She claimed thetruck is connected to UCB.)][pictures from the Paul Iorio]

Here is the courtroom order (below) supported toward forest-sitters and you can published on the fence beneath the oaks. [page one] [photos because of the Paul Iorio]

The truth is thatlots away from Hillary backers will likely choose for McCain, nomatter who brand new running mate is actually

John McCain’s Style of Fascist? McCain has actually much time voiced assistance, at the least implicitly, to your regimen off South Vietnam’s former biggest (and you can vice president) Nguyen Cao Ky, an open and you can keen admirer of Adolf Hitler. Has McCain actually denounced Ky? Or even, why-not?

[I will notice to own purposes of complete disclosure that we dohave a cousin (whom I am most proud of!) who is from inside the politicsin the latest southern area, but my personal opinions aren’t necessarily heropinions and you can hers are not necessarily mine, and you may weusually never talk about government.]

an ubiquitous attention inside the Berkeley: a beneficial bumper sticker to own KALX, an informed broadcast channel in the U.S. (and additionally WFMU), i believe (and not just as they’ve played personal musical!).

Ok, it is an excellent hokey take to, however, I snapped this visualize several hours back away from a dog looking to push a truck.

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