When you’re hiding, girls keep getting intimate harasses by hand of Althing, and this Mizuka apologizing to everyone because of it

When you’re hiding, girls keep getting intimate harasses by hand of Althing, and this Mizuka apologizing to everyone because of it

Soon, a strange lady checked behind Prison and you may she “killed” him and you can forgotten the brand new chopper. The mysterious woman are revealed as Sonohara Mizuka, the latest Pursuit Baron. Immediately after Mizuka delivered herself, with the rest of your own individuals were puzzled within the woman. Next, the brand new mystical classification that have black colored consistent known as Unique Solution looked and you can eliminating brand new resident. Whenever Hina is virtually killed from the a beneficial spy out of Unique Services, she is saved from the Licht. After Licht try angered during the Mizuka, the guy stored Hina’s category together with resident about hand off Special Solution. Just after Hina try stored, Licht shown to the girl and you can Prison that he’s an excellent plunderer and his true objective is to try to inexpensive sets from Althea.

Once Licht found his real goal, the battle ranging from your and you may Mizuka start once more. Because they are assaulting, Hina wonder if Licht is winnings or otherwise not as the his matters (5700) try inferior to Mizuka’s (32000), and therefore Pele Poporo asks Nana some questions regarding the newest Barons. When Licht’s amount is expanding, Hina and the anyone else was amazed from the your. Nana told me that the is how this new Barons originally appeared to be. Nana reported that he had been seeking trigger their bloodlust front side, that is also known as “Schmelman’s bloodlust”, this would ensure it is Licht to boost his matters easily nevertheless the rates is the fact however cure their sanity. Immediately after Hina read Nana’s terms towards newest Licht is not the exact same kid you to she’s regularly, she quickly decided to go to end Licht’s berserk state however, he gagged the woman shoulder alternatively. Because the Hina is going to become killed by the Licht, she are stored because of the Mizuka just who simply restored their sanity. Afterwards, once Prison defeated Licht along with his amazing identification came back, Hina together with others exhibited is happy and you can grateful the fresh new competition try ultimately over.

Return to the past Arch

After the avoid regarding “Abyss Devil” experience, in addition to Licht’s class was basically covering up somewhere in new tree. Shortly after Prison returned from the royal financing and you will tries to capture Licht, Hina made an effort to prevent Jail but he used their ability to bind the girl instead. After Nana efficiently averted Jail out of trapping Licht, she reveals by herself are a keen Baron and you may, together with her day travelling ability, delivers Hina, Jail, Pele and you can Lyne on earlier, asking them to replace the previous in which she were not successful. When they have been sent into the past, Jail are perplexed and you can magic where will they be and you can what’s one to huge strengthening displayed in front of her or him.

Licht made an effort to fight against Mizuka however, he was soon defeated from the the girl and you may captured along with the rest of your customers

Abreast of misunderstandings, Lyne and you can Pele and noticed the spot seemed too various other therefore the technical has-been better than on the present-time. Since everyone is taking a look at the huge strengthening, they encountered men that have a wooden blade entitled Sakai Tokikaze, exactly who told Hina and also the anyone else home just like the to be a beneficial soldier actually an excellent child’s online game, which offended Prison and you will triggered both him and you will Tokikaze having a beneficial strive. The battle between Jail and you can Tokikaze was in fact stopped by Alan, having brand new teacher of the education college or university. Alan informed her or him while they are allowed to struggle, the fresh registration service was about to start so they needed to prevent its strategies. Hina plus the other people just now knows that huge building is actually an exercise college or university.

Given that Hina and also the someone else entering the college or university, these are typically every had puzzled from the method the institution looks like and you can meet with the more youthful Mizuka in the school. As the enrollment service starts, Alan creating their address on what’s the education college is about to the brand new inexperienced troops. Throughout the Schmelman Bach’s speeches, Ichinose Saki and also the anybody else are chuckled at the boy story Schmelman understanding. While they’re chuckling, Alan got out their weapon and you can “killed” them, inducing the instructor to be in order to frightened and you will try to escape. Hina are very scared that she cried in the ceremony, which Alan mentioned he’ll kill the lady having pretending including a beneficial crybaby. Once the Hina is going to getting slain, she is saved of the Tokikaze who told Alan he must not eliminate any person in the place of a description. Whenever more youthful Licht attempts to ending Schmelman, Hina and the anyone else miracle if that body’s really Licht when he looked far too some other here versus his establish care about. Immediately after Licht said he’ll never ever destroy a guy, Hina in addition to anybody else believes that he is actually an identical people they realized from the upcoming.

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