The clear presence of stress otherwise local irritants so you can tissues of periodontal ligament try recognized as the fresh new etiology of POF

The clear presence of stress otherwise local irritants so you can tissues of periodontal ligament try recognized as the fresh new etiology of POF

Since the discussed in past times, the term off osteopontin, a low-collagenous healthy protein with high calcium supplements joining potential, impacting tissue mineralization, is very missing inside regular oral mucosa, instance, however in some instances out-of PG there’s expression during the stromal cells and you will extracellular matrix, favoring the concept that PG can mature towards the POF. Compared, there clearly was phrase from osteopontin from inside the stromal cells, extracellular matrix, as well as in regions of ossification throughout instances of POF . It’s advocated one to PG get evolve to help you POF; yet not, it is also possible to obtain POF given that first medical diagnosis, towards PG just like the a perennial lesion . So it interrelation is actually noticed in this case, where an excellent lesion submitted to incisional biopsy is identified while the PG however, wasn’t treated and you may, 36 months later on, the lesion is submitted to another type of histopathological exam, caused by that has been a great POF, giving support to the theory that they elizabeth pathological organization.

The brand new density solely on the gingiva, brand new distance of the gingiva with the periodontal tendon, plus the thickness out-of oxitan fabric on the mineralized matrix help it etiological hypothesis [dos,4]. In the case displayed, the average person had unsatisfactory oral hygiene, suggesting that biofilm and you will dental calculus was basically the main irritating circumstances for the periodontal ligament.

POF is commonplace in the younger customers features good predilection getting the feminine intercourse ; yet not, in cases like this, the latest lesion designed in a grown-up patient, involving the next and you will 5th ages from lifestyle, to provide having an unusual comprehensive size of 5 cm. Migration away from pearly whites adjacent to the POF is strange; however, it happens occasionally , while the as well as observed in our circumstances.

Whilst interrelationship between them lesions has been in past times said [step 3,6], following maturation processes and you can histopathological progression of a single lesion try rare with no other instance report along these lines one to has been seen

Medical excision is the treatments for selection, with peripheral and strong margins, and the removal of the brand new etiological agent. During the gingival sores, curettage of your underlying tissues is recommended. This new reappearance off reactive sores of oral cavity is focused on 20% and that is myself about the disappointments throughout these maneuvers [step one,2,12]. The procedure performed contains excision of your own lesion with enough margins and you may removal of all of the teeth, because patient was also diagnosed with serious chronic periodontitis. Attention received towards the knowledge of oral hygiene and hygiene of prostheses generated immediately following procedures, alerting the average person towards dictate of these facts into etiology of your lesions displayed.


Brand new you’ll be able to advancement out of a good PG to help you a beneficial POF is actually observed in this case in line with the histopathological transform you to definitely occurred, to your growth of calcified question, stringy maturation, and you can reduced vascular stuff of the initial lesion immediately after 36 months. Because of the activated character of the two lesions and you may biofilm and you can calculus since the local irritants, dental hygiene pointers is just as extremely important because recommended operation, therefore minimizing the possibility of reappearance.

Because of the dimensions and you can possible bleeding, also the patient’s medical history, it actually was decided to perform the excision of the lesion under general anesthesia, and extract the teeth considering the level of versatility and you can death of bone installation, aiming during the next treatment that have overall prosthesis.

Making use of their scientific services and you may popular etiological items, scientific differentiation between the sores is tough, demanding microscopic assessment to possess a definitive analysis . Histopathologically, new analysis regarding POF boasts requirements like the visibility out of stringy conjunctive tissues with changeable fibroblast, myofibroblast and collagen posts, scarce in order to abundant endothelial growth, and you will mineralized procedure. These types of mineralized components range between 23-75% and will become of around three products: limbs, dystrophic calcifications, or cementum [eight,8]. A survey displayed the existence of oxitan materials inside the mineralized areas of brand new POF and a more impressive city filled by the connective muscle stroma when considering this new mineralized section in contrast to many other fibro-bones lesions, also a top collagen occurrence . In the histological terms, POF is much more cellular and less vascular than PG . In case displayed, the 2 histopathological examinations differed basically due to the absence of vascularized content therefore the presence from calcified material about material collected later on, hence contributed to this new medical diagnosis from POF.

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